Resolutions – Part 3

This is the final post dedicated solely to laying out my existing resolutions list. Not that the list should by any means be considered finished. In fact, in the last few days I have taken on some new tasks that will force me to make some adjustments to the list. But, this post contains the last few items from the list I actually developed over the Christmas break.

So, continuing on from Part 1 and Part 2 as previously posted.

9. Work on song writing at least twice a week/Practice guitar at least 5 hours a week – this one hasn’t happened in any form yet, but it will begin working its way into my routine starting this week. I have a lot of ideas and I want to seriously begin pursuing these soon.

10. Take up Chess as a serious hobby and spend a month studying it diligently – I have always enjoyed playing chess, but have never been exceptionally good at it. This is mostly because I don’t spend time studying it. With the wealth of resources available, like web apps in Google chrome or other websites, playing a few games each day and studying it more in depth shouldn’t take much effort at all, and the mental benefits are enormous. There’s a reason this is the classic thinker’s game.

11. Take a class of some sort every month – I’m well into this resolution already. I’ve registered for several cooking classes, a continuing education class in computer programming (just because I want to), and I have some other ideas for the coming months. The trick here is to not over extend yourself on these “goals” because that can prevent you from making any meaningful progress on any of them.

12. Organize your life and stay that way – this is a HUGE one. I have a lot of ways in which I am organized, and ten times as many in which I am a mess. Keeping track of a to-do list is a good way for me to up my productivity. So, I’ve instituted a few ways for me to be more diligent on this front. One of them is a white board. This past weekend was very productive, as the picture below shows:

That’s a lot of “checked off” items! and it would have been more had most of those not been very time consuming activities.

Lot’s of room for growth coming up in the next few weeks. I wonder how much progress I can make on this list for the remainder of this month. I’ll have a wrap up sometime around the end of this week as we will be two weeks into the new year.

How is your list coming along so far this year?


About StartingFromThirty

This blog is about making myself better. There's a lot of things I am good at, and a thousand times more things than that that I need to fix. It's probably not as bad as I often feel like it is, but nonetheless, things need to change. So here I am, starting a blog with the goal of chronicling my quest to get things on the path they need to be on. The goal is to improve my life however I have to. That might be best done in small increments, an hour a day or one month at a time. Or maybe its just slapping yourself in the face and deciding to change. I guess we will find out. And perhaps someone who finds themselves in my situation can be motivated by this. Even better, hopefully I can learn from other people hoping to reshape their lives. So please, leave a comment or a suggestion on a skill to learn or a way to change things for the better.
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