New Year’s Resolution List – Part 2

In addition to the list of things I set out as New Year’s Resolutions in Part 1 two days ago, I am continuing my drawn out listing of my resolutions with Part 2. Part 3 and maybe more will follow soon. The link above is where you can read Part 1, explanations of those resolutions, and a little bit of discussion about what constitutes success on these resolutions.

I’ve actually been reading several things lately about resolutions, as we all have, and I’ll be sharing those things soon along with what I have learned from them. That inevitably means that later on I will be tweaking some of these resolutions as well as what “success” means in reference to them.

Enough chatter – Part 2 is as follows (and is numbered in continuation from previous posts)

5. Read in a book every night – I don’t read enough, and I have a billion books just taking up space where I live. I could use that space for other things, and be a lot more intelligent if I would just read all those books.

6. Finish 2 books a month – More reading goals? Well, yes. I have TWO problems with my reading. First, I don’t do it often enough (hence Resolution number 5), and I don’t do it quickly enough (hence Resolution number 6). I tend to read slowly out of consciousness. I get worried I’ll miss details or not understand. And in self-fulfilling irony, I read slowly and get bored and begin to think about other things. Before I know it, pages have gone by and I remember nothing. So, this resolution is intended to get me reading more quickly, finishing books, and hopefully retaining information better.

7. Make serious progress on small business ideas – I have dozens of these and I come up with new ones multiple times a week. This year, I’m going to get one of them moving along in a serious way. Hopefully it will help me complete Resolution 3 – developing a side income stream of any size.

8. Start a new or continue participating in a previous social activity at least one day a week – I think this is the one I am most excited about (behind paying off my debts and then beginning to save.) I have already discovered several ways to fulfill this Resolution. Among them are – enrolling in cooking classes (where I might meet people and I will learn a skill in the process), and joining various groups of things that are interesting to me.

There’s several more resolutions on my list. I’ll put them in Part 2 soon – probably this weekend – and then we will be off to the races on getting these things all done. In fact, I’ve already put some of them into action, and others will be coming up soon or are a major work in progress. I think spreading out the actionable moments on these resolutions will help me achieve them all. My success rate would be very low if I just said to myself “tomorrow I will wake up and begin performing these 10 things the way I want them to be done.” I don’t imagine that would work real well.

Thanks for reading. As always, leave comments or suggestions on anything you see or think is noteworthy. I’m looking forward to putting up the rest of the list as well as a run down of some of the articles and interesting things I’ve been reading lately.



About StartingFromThirty

This blog is about making myself better. There's a lot of things I am good at, and a thousand times more things than that that I need to fix. It's probably not as bad as I often feel like it is, but nonetheless, things need to change. So here I am, starting a blog with the goal of chronicling my quest to get things on the path they need to be on. The goal is to improve my life however I have to. That might be best done in small increments, an hour a day or one month at a time. Or maybe its just slapping yourself in the face and deciding to change. I guess we will find out. And perhaps someone who finds themselves in my situation can be motivated by this. Even better, hopefully I can learn from other people hoping to reshape their lives. So please, leave a comment or a suggestion on a skill to learn or a way to change things for the better.
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