An Early Start to NY Resolutions

Recently I lamented the somewhat sudden death of this blog.

I did this as I lamented my poor performance on the goals that I had set for myself on this blog. Its no secret that my poor performance posting on this platform, designed for public accountability, accompanied poor follow through on the goals I wanted to achieve.

Timing is huge for all sorts of things – finances, relationships, careers, etc -, so lucky me that these lamentations come right around New Year’s Resolution time.

I’ve never really developed a list of resolutions before – or at least not that I intimately recall. This year I’ll be changing that.

I’m afraid that I’ll have too many things on the list, but I’m not going to dull down my ambitions because of that. I won’t subscribe to the Homer Simpson notion that “trying is the first step towards failure”.

So, while the list may end up huge, I am going to make a list of things to achieve in the new year and it will surely be long. After Christmas passes I’ll revisit my original blog post discussing why I started this thing to begin with, and then add my new list to it (minus some of the more personal items I don’t or can’t share with a mass audience). Anonymity can make accountability hard, but the desire for personal excellence ought to be enough to make me forge ahead.

So, off we go in the end of this year and the beginning of a new life. I hope you’ll join (or stick around if you’ve been here before) the ride.

– SF30


About StartingFromThirty

This blog is about making myself better. There's a lot of things I am good at, and a thousand times more things than that that I need to fix. It's probably not as bad as I often feel like it is, but nonetheless, things need to change. So here I am, starting a blog with the goal of chronicling my quest to get things on the path they need to be on. The goal is to improve my life however I have to. That might be best done in small increments, an hour a day or one month at a time. Or maybe its just slapping yourself in the face and deciding to change. I guess we will find out. And perhaps someone who finds themselves in my situation can be motivated by this. Even better, hopefully I can learn from other people hoping to reshape their lives. So please, leave a comment or a suggestion on a skill to learn or a way to change things for the better.
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